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Welcome to The Eastern Counties Rugby Union Referees' Federation


As from Jan 2014 there is a change to the "Yes 9" invitation at the scrum, with variations for youth and ladies rugby. Click HERE to read this important information

Eastern Counties Refs is a constituent body of the Rugby Football Union. The Purpose of the Federation is to promote 1st class Rugby Refereeing.

  • Appoint officials to matches played at levels 6-8.
  • Provide training and development opportunities for match officials to enable them to reach their full potential.
  • Develop collaboration and liaison with other Federations of Rugby Referees' Societies.
  • Promote the uniform implementation of Federation policy throughout the County Societies.
  • Promote refereeing, knowledge of the Laws and the playing of Rugby Union Football.

We do all the above and more in co-operation with the Rugby Football Union and its Constituent Bodies.


The new informaiton is available on ELV's.  Click Here

Rolling Subs

The new regulations relating to rolling subs. Click Here

Need Funding?

Click to open websiteIf you are looking for funding to cover the costs for referees to take RFU official referee qualifications then they can apply to Norfolk Active for funding for the qualifications. Basically the individuals need to to complete an online application form that is located on Norfolk Actives website. The address is

Who's The Ref

Click to open websiteWe manage the Federation appointments using the online appointments system which is now used by most referee societies in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

Managing Captain/Coach

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